Why Choose SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ?

We are one of the most experienced wedding DJs in Cornwall and have a proven and verifiable track record for providing entertainment for some of the best wedding receptions cornwall has had. Not only do we supply some of the highest quality disco systems in Cornwall but the standard of our service is far beyoned that of most.

We do not make wild claims like some claiming to be the best or they have 25-30 years experience. We only tell you the facts, we are very, very experienced and for the last 5 years we have do over 100 wedding receptions per year. How do we do so many you ask? simply becasue people have been more than satisfied with our service and so we get a lot of recommendations. There are less than a handful of DJs in Cornwall who can honestly claim this.


Silent Wedding Disco:

We can provide you with a very high quality Silent Disco system for your wedding, we can either DJ the whole evening or a part of the evening as a silent wedding disco. If you have a band then once they have done their set(s) we could finish off with just a silent disco or we could DJ with a full sound system or a mix of both, the choice is yours. Because we own all of our own silent disco equipment, you can rest assured you are not only getting the very best system available on the market, but it is operated by one of the the most experienced wedding DJs in Cornwall. Unlike some other so called DJs in Cornwall who claim they do Silent Discos but really all they do is hire the equipment in on the day, meaning they are relying on it arriving on time and arriving working. We don't hire them in for one off events and then pass the inflated costs on to you at a premium rate, we use our very own top of the range high quality and reliable equipment so we are NOT reliant on any 3rd party sources.

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We have one of, if not the best silent disco systems in Cornwall and we are also one of the only full time professional DJs in Cornwall who are able to offer a true Silent Disco Experience.

Our silent disco consists of up to 3 different music channels to choose from. The headphones will indicate which channel you are listening to by illuminating either red, green or blue and this is so you know in an instant which channel or song the other guests are also listening to. You also have full control of your own headset volume which we know many will appreciate.

Our meticulously skilled DJs will keep the music flowing and you can have up to three alternative styles at once. Fow example: Channel one: could be dance music, channel two: cheesey classics, channel three: motown and soul or we can do a dedicated rock channel, an 80's or a trance channel it really is down to you and your guests personal preferences.

You're not just limited to music either because the headsets could be used for the speeches where some guests may have difficulty in hearing at the back. They could be used so that the children can watch and listen to a movie in another part of the room while the speeches are on or at times when they are likely to be distracting, the possibilities really are endless.

Venue Noise Restrictions And Sound Limiters Are Now A Thing Of The Past.

Venue noise restrictions and sound limiters are now a thing of the past:
Cornwall Silent Wedding Disco

There are a quite a few venues in and around Cornwall with various sound restrictions and other noise curfews and even a few with sound limiters. In fact there are quite honestly a number of wedding venues that are really not fit for purpose with the unjustified sound restrictions that are imposed and more often than not you will not be aware of these restrictions until the day of your wedding.

Silent wedding discos are perfect for such venues, specifically venues who in their infinite wisdom have decided to put guests who are not any part of your wedding party in the rooms directly above the dancefloor, needless to say they are never going to be happy about that with an obvious outcome :(

This is where the silent wedding disco ensures your party continues, it brings back the fun factor, the wow factor, it unites the families and brings them together in a unique way. Not only that but no one is getting upset or annoyed, the guests above the dancefloor won't be complaining and trying to get your party stopped or ended early, the neighbours next to the venues won't be phoning the venue trying to get it stopped or eneded early and the fun factor it brings will just uplift the party.

Cornwall Wedding DJ Silent Discos Are Great Fun For All The Family

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Silent disco dancersSilent disco in a marquee

Cornwall Wedding DJ silent discos are great fun for all the family, with music to cater for everyone, who says you can't please young and old at the same time, with three music channels to choose from there is something for everyone.

Our Silent Disco Stand Alone System

Our system can also be used as a stand alone system
Cornwall Wedding DJ stand alone silent disco system

Our transmitter and music playout system can actually be used as a fully stand alone system. This is perfect for times when you have a band for example and no space to have a DJ setup too.

You could if you wished to supply your own music, these just need to be high quality MP3's which you just copy on to a USB memory stick, or if you have a bluetooth device such as a phone, tablet or similar these can bluetooth the music directly to our stand alone system.

Our system has three built in stand alone MP3 players and blue tooth receivers, so that would be three different USB memory sticks with different music on each memory stick, one for each channel or three iphones, andriods or tablets or it can do a mixture of USB and bluetooth. We can reroute whatever input device you choose with the music to the inbuilt mixer and on to the appropriate transmitters and away you go, it's as simple as that.