Why Choose SoundONE Cornwall Wedding DJ?

We are one of the most experienced wedding DJs in Cornwall and have a proven and verifiable track record for providing entertainment for some of the best wedding receptions cornwall has had. Not only do we supply some of the highest quality disco systems in Cornwall but the standard of our service is far beyoned that of most.

We do not make wild claims like some claiming to be the best or they have 25-30 years experience. We only tell you the facts, we are very, very experienced and for the last 5 years we have do over 100 wedding receptions per year. How do we do so many you ask? simply becasue people have been more than satisfied with our service and so we get a lot of recommendations. There are less than a handful of DJs in Cornwall who can honestly claim this.


All 100% verifiable and genuine feedback:

Below you can see a sample of just some of the feedback we have received. Please note: all of our feedback is genuine and verifiable. We only show you screen prints or scanned images of the actual feedback we have received.

Unlike some DJs you will likely come across with totally fictional and made up feedback just showing some written text on a webpage or facebook page like this:

"This DJ is AMAZING I would recommend you book ME them for your party!"

Please be aware of any so called DJs who do this as it could quite easily and is very likely to be completely made up.

The feedback below is just a few selected at random and in no perticular order. We have blacked out things such as telephone numbers and email addresses for obvious reasons and we will try to periodically update this page, as and when we get the time. So please keep sending us your feedback, it is very much appreciated, thank you.